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Watermark editor improvements#125


I would love to see two things with the watermark. First instead of having the hummingbird photo, use the photo that you are exporting so that you can see where the watermark will be on the photo you are exporting. Second, have a toggle on the exporting sheet so you can quickly enable the watermark if you need it, or toggle it off if you don’t, instead of digging into the export settings.

4 months ago

This ^^^^

It’s wonderful to have the watermark editor but it’s disruptive to the workflow to have to adjust/toggle!!!

a month ago

Second this! Having to go into the menu just to toggle on and off the watermark is a pain. Especially since I do so many photos some with watermark and some without.

Also, water mark should be have ability to set pixels not percentages. This way all no matter the width or height thr watermark is a consistent size on all my photos.

Lastly, the ability to have different watermarks. I have two brands and consistently have to switch between them. Also switching between white and black. This ends up being 4 watermarks I’m constantly switching btwn

a month ago