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Background blur for non portrait photos#94


Could you please add a way to make meaningful background blur on a non-portrait photo using the new Smart ai Selection tools?

I say meaningful because I realize that some blur can be added by selecting background and dropping the clarity way down… but I am hoping for a way to “fake” some bokeh on photos that weren’t taken with portrait mode (to add a touch more separation, etc)

Overall great update. Thank you

2 years ago

Adding to the above a Gaussian blur filter would be appreciated

2 years ago
Merged Blur, or opposite of Sharpness slider#124
2 years ago

A general blur function that can still be masked would be great, since an overall blur would make film simulation / grain photos much more convincing, as some film simulated iPhone photos look too sharp.

a year ago

You already use smart AI to provide a depth map with foreground/background zones on non-portrait photos, it may be quite workable (and very useful) to implement blur feature on these areas ?

a year ago
Merged into Blur function#227
a year ago